To fully finish your set of paellas we have made a section where you will be able to chose within a great variety of accessories for your paella, from paella burners to clay pots and jugs with which you will be able to enjoy making your paella with the best tools of the greatest quality created by Original Paella.

We have multiple sections such as: paella burners, paella sets, brothy rice pots, gas accessories, griddles, gas burner stands and other accessories such as cleaning solvents or paella pan support.

Here in Original Paella believe that these tools and accessories are essential for your set of paellas as it will help us to obtain the paella we desire in a much easier way.

Paella Burners:

Inside this section we have multiple kinds of burners, be it paella gas burners (sometimes referred to as paella cooker), of high potency or butane gas, propane, and natural gas burner.

They are perfect to make your paellas, adapting themselves perfectly to your needs, each with their own advantages, the paella burner or paella grill are perfect for domestic use, those of flat tube give out greater potency while the professional type work as fire diffusers to make the fire the most uniform as possible.

Paella gas burner or paella cooker are connected to the propane pump, butane, or natural gas, and are specifically designed to be used in outdoors. This one uses a conventional gas regulator that’s works with an input pressure within 28 to 30mbar, being rather comfortable and adapting itself to any size of burner.

High power paella burner is characterized for being of flat tube, giving great quality/price while maintaining powerful potency, around 20% more powerful than the traditional. Its primary difference is the lack of a thermocouple valve, as its use is limited to the outdoors. If you are looking for great potency at the right price, this is your burner.

Finally, the professional gas burner is approved for both indoor and outdoor use, as they do have a thermocouple valve which works as a security barrier, which ensures than in case than something goes wrong, nothing will really happen. They work as a fire dissuader, meaning that the fire will be uniform be it in the paella or any other recipient we use.

They all adapt to the size of the recipient we wish to use.


This is a magnificent option, as it works as a wood made paella, works as a bbq as well as a windshield, creating an enclosed space where the fire won’t go out, making it more efficient as the heat is stored below. It can be used with a gas burner or paella gas burner, even not needing permits or work, easy and quick to clean, detachable and with handles for comfortable transportation. It has even been labeled as the official burner for the Sueca paellas championship. Available in multiples sizes.

Gas burner stands

Here in OriginalPaella we are interested in ensuring that you can do your paellas in the most comfortable and safest way, this is why we offer you a great variety of gas burner stands so may you the one that best suits you, be it extensible, regulable, small…they are great If you are working with limited space or indoors, so as to avoid the burner for touching different surfaces such as your tables or worktops, even to work outside without the need of kneeling.

Paella accessories

We also offer you a great deal of other accessories, such as a stainless-steel paddle, wooden spoon, aluminum covers or pan lids... always with the best quality and prices.

You can also find handmade clay pots and jugs, which shouldn’t be missing in any paella kit, such as casseroles or mortars, with which we can mix species for our rice. Using these objects made of clay we can obtain that family feeling for our meals.

¿Are you also interested in ensuring a perfect cooked meat, fish, seafood, or vegetables? Griddles are the perfect addition to your kitchen, thanks to their design you will be able to divide the fat while keeping the flavor and spreading the heat evenly. You wont even need further maintenance besides their cleaning after every use.

Gas accessories are fundamental to properly regulate the gas pressure in butane pumps, as well as a hose to connect to a natural gas installation, with this gas accessories you can obtain the perfect taste for your paella while being able to regulate everything you need.

Paella kits

There exists the option to select a kit so as to easy the selection of your equipment, we offer you the best cost/quality products in a simple pack. With these selections we facilitate the selection of tools that you need to make your paella in an efficient and comfortable manner, from ingredient kits as well as equipment kits.

You can find the equipment packs here, where you can choose a kit which adapts to you needs, be it the classical kit for a small group of people or one of the fuller kits for a larger number of people. Its joint purchase allows you to obtain better prices and easier deliveries.

¿Unsure of which ingredients for paella to use? With our ingredients kits you will be able to give that sought after taste to your paella in an economic manner, as we work with the best products for paella ingredients, delivering the same rice and ingredients used in the Sweden-Valencia championship.

Brothy rice pots

These sections of pots are perfect for mellow rice or broth, perfect for a single person in their home or for restaurants, each with their own advantages, we also offer different sizes.

Enameled steel deep pan has a plain bottom and are versatile thanks to their different sizes and capability to be used in any kind of fire, thanks to being made with enameled steel which avoids rust, meaning that we only need to clean it with water and soap after each use. They are perfect for mellow rice or broth.

We also offer cast iron pots, specifically indicated to be used for mellow rice, trough thanks to its characteristics it can also be used for other broths that need a slow cooking. They work for any fire, even induction, keeping their unique and handmade model.EQUIPMENT FOR PAELLA MADE IN SPAIN

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