All the accessories, tools and utensils necessary to make your original paella.

In order to complete your paella kit we have made a section where you can choose from a wide variety of equipment.

You can find in the following sections: gas burners stands, accessories such as paella holders, paella pan cleaners, pipettes and magnets for paella pans, gas regulators, firewood and barbecue paella pans, griddles and pots and jars made of clay.

At Original Paella we think that all these tools are essential for your paella equipment, since they will provide us with great quality as well as being able to achieve the point we want in the paella in an easy way.


A creation formed through the union of multiple concepts and kitchen tools, the BBQ, windshield and open fire enclosure combines multiple tools 3 in 1 to provide us with an efficient way of preparing different dishes.

It can be used with a gas burner or also as a wood-burning paella pan, admitting, depending on its size, from a 30 cm to 80 cm paella pan. As a barbecue, thanks to its open lower port and, due to its design, it acts as a windscreen to keep our flame at maximum power, giving us a uniform and powerful fire for cooking our dish and at the same time being more efficient in consumption. Of gas

Gas burner stands:

From Original Paella we want you to be able to make your paellas in the safest and most comfortable way possible, which is why we offer you this range of possibilities of supports for paella burners or legs for paella burners so that you can choose the one that suits you best, whether they are adjustable, extensible , minis... the mini legs and tripods are a great option if you have limited space or for indoor use, thus preventing the burner from being in direct contact with tables, countertops or other household items, in turn the supports for Paella pan and long tripods are ideal for outdoor use to comfortably cook your paella without having to bend over.

Paella accessories:

We offer you in this section a choice of accessories and utensils that we know will help you to perfect your paella, from kitchen skimmers to stir and serve the riceuniversal windscreens to prevent our fire from waning during the cooking of our paella, lids for paella to let it rest safely and avoid unwanted splashes, to cloth savers to avoid burns and stains, as well as other more unusual accessories such as the pipette or the magnet for paella.

Clay pots and jars:

You will be able to find clay pots and jugs made by hand that should not be missing from your table to give that traditional touch to your food, without missing the mortar and pestle to add those spices or sauces to our meals, or the sangria jug to serve a jug of fresh wine to our guests. With these objects made of clay we will finish giving that original aesthetic to a good family meal.

Grill plates:

Do you want to leave your meat, seafood, fish or vegetables at the perfect point? Then these cast iron plates cannot be missing in your kitchen, these grill plates will allow you to separate the fat from meat and fish. Due to its great thickness you will also be able to keep your foods warm for a longer time and reach higher temperatures to be able to roast your seafood and meats to the point. Thanks to their round design, our paelleros adapt perfectly and are an ideal complement for barbecues and roasts.

Gas accessories:

Gas accessories are essential to be able to regulate the pressure in cylinders, whether they are butane or propane. In addition to gas regulators and gas hoses, with these gas accessories you can regulate your burners to obtain the perfect flavor in your paellas.

If you want to learn more about some of these accessories, we invite you to visit our blog, where we offer you more extensive and in-depth information on a wide range of topics related to the paella.


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