Books of paellas and rices

In this section we offer you a selection of books on paellas and rice dishes where you will not only be able to find detailed recipes on how to make paella and rice dishes, but also everything you need to learn about rice gastronomy and learn both traditional and innovative recipes, always with rice as its main protagonist.

We recommend two books: "124 recipes of medieval Spanish cuisine" by Pedro Ponce Palomares, not only a guide to rice recipes from medieval times to the present, it also fuses the 3 cultures existing in the Iberian Peninsula at the time, Jewish, Moorish and Christian, offering us in turn a study of how the different cultures and social positions affected the recipes that were produced in those times.

Followed by this we recommend the paella book "Rice and many more" by Ximo Carrión, which details 92 paella and rice recipes, from traditional to special and from fish and shellfish to meat. With recipes for baked, sweet or paella rice. The book not only informs us of the ingredients and steps necessary to create their dishes, it also focuses on three essential pillars: which variety of rice is the most suitable for each recipe, which broths or stocks are the most suitable for the rice, and multiple innovative techniques for the world of rice.

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Paella Lovers's book is a book of rice written by David Montero, also known on Instagram as @ricepaella, rice master and representative of the culture of the Valencian Paella, offers us a large part of her knowledge,...
Through the 101 -recipes fideuas, you can learn and discover the traditional roots, diversification and evolution of one of the variants of the original Paella: the fideua. You can learn through the famous author...




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