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Bear the weight and raise your delicious paella to your height

In this section you will find all the solutions to support your paella pan, from the trivets to make wood-fired paellas to the legs and tripods that raise the burner and allow cooking at a comfortable height and at a distance from the ground that allows it to be away from dust and floor dirt.

The open fire tripod is a simple circle of cast iron supported by three legs that acts as a support for the wood-burning paella pan so that the paella pan is raised above the ground and allows a fire to be made under its surface.

The paella burner legs, forged in iron, can be easily placed on the normal legs of our paellero to extend its size and facilitate its use or reinforce its center of gravity. They all have thumbscrews, so no screwdriver is required and they can be attached and removed by hand. We offer a version with reinforced legs for larger and heavier paella pans, we also have short legs, indicated for worktops or heat-resistant tables, such as adjustable and mini legs to meet your needs.

Finally, the paella burner tripods, both in their mini (tabletop) and adjustable (floor) versions, allow us to hold our gas burner, their main characteristic is comfort, since, on the one hand, their assembly and disassembly is limited to the folding-unfolding of the two mobile legs on the fixed one, and this is done in seconds and without butterfly screws, in addition, the saucers on which the three legs of the burner rest are screwable, which allows us to adjust the height and level at perfection and in a comfortable and fast way our paella.

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€23.95 €25.05
Paella Burner 3 adjustable Legs Made from galvanized steel and adjustable at the base Height: 67,5cm Maximum supported weight: 20 Kg Suitable for Paella Burners from 20 cm up to 40 cm (high power and professional...
€13.95 €14.12
Paella burner mini adjustable legs Adjustable in height to perfectly level the paella pan Compatible with our range of flat tube or high power and professional gas burners, not compatible with traditional...




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