No paella can be called a paella if it doesn't include one of these rice seasonings in its selection. You will be able to find in this section the best condiments for paella, such as stranded or grounded saffron, paprika for paella, colouring, paellero seasoning and ñora.

Saffron for paella, either in its stranded version or as powdered saffron in an envelope, allows us to give that touch of special flavor and the classic color of paella, all thanks to this ingredient popularly known as "red gold".

Sweet paprika is an essential ingredient in any paella, it gives it a sweet touch with an intense flavor that is very characteristic of paella, the paella dye allows us to add that classic yellow/orange color without altering its flavor and the paella seasoning is a condiment that we can add to the paella stock and allows us to flavor and give that special point to our paellas with this mixture of spices for paella. All of them are gluten free, to add those extra touches to your paella, both in flavor and in its classic color.

Paellero seasonings are a mixture of traditional spices with saffron that allows us to give a special flavor to our rice dishes and paellas, especially indicated to enhance the flavor in fish and seafood rice dishes.

Lastly, if we want to create that famous sofrito called salmorreta, we cannot miss the ñora, also known as “Pimiento bola”, which provides that special flavor and color to fish and seafood paellas.

In this section you can also find in hotel or professional format those most used condiments such as paprika, dye and seasoning for paellas.

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Paella Seasoning is especially used to enhance the flavor of any rice dish and especially the Paella. Catering Jar 635 grams paella condiments, made with spices specially indicated for the paella. Original flavor and...
Product sold out until new campaign. Dried Ñora bag format of 25gr Popularly known as "Pepper Ball" The Ñora is the main ingredient of the famous sauce called "Salmorreta", it provides a special flavor and color...




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