the best rice for an Original paella from Albufera natural park

In this section you will find the best selection of gourmet quality rice dishes from the Valencia denomination of origin. Produced in the Albufera Natural Park since 1986, this special rice for paellas guarantees minimum levels of pesticides, herbicides and other chemical agents that could alter its flavor or its original qualities during its processing.

We focus on the use of round and short rice grain, whose round ends prevent it from opening during cooking, which prevents its rupture and therefore a loss in its ability to store the flavor absorbed during cooking of the grain. the paella.

Among the variants we offer, we highlight 4 types:

Bomba rice is a relatively recent variety of rice that is usually similar in size or slightly smaller than the original, its main characteristic is its resistance to overcooking, which is visible because the grain opens and when the starch is released, it gives the rice a unwanted pasty consistency, it is therefore an easier rice to work with and with which to achieve the desired result of having the rice cooked but whole and loose. This rice is indicated for all kinds of paellas and soupy and syrupy rice dishes, also for rice cookers without much experience or those who want to obtain the best result with the minimum risk.

Senia rice is a variety of short-grain rice whose higher percentage of amylopectin makes the grain impregnated by the broth, giving it an exceptional ability to transfer the flavors of the broth to our rice dishes. It is the variety of rice that best absorbs the flavors, on the contrary, its grain is the least resistant to overcooking, so they are more difficult to work with to obtain the best result. It is indicated for those experienced rice cookers who want to obtain the tastiest paellas.

Maratelli rice is a rice similar to bomba even with a somewhat higher hardness, highlighting a great resistance to overcooking, in addition to its powerful ability to transfer flavors, Thanks to its consistency, it is a perfect rice for companies dedicated to catering, restaurants or take-away meals, since it remains with its maximum flavor for a longer time before consumption, even its resistance increases over time once it has been cooked, so it allows subsequent reheating even in the microwave.

Albufera rice is a variety of rice recently created, it is a hybrid between bomba and senia rice, which combines the flavor absorption capacity of senia rice, with the hardness and resistance of the grain to overcooking of bomba rice.

We also offer fideo for fideua, a dish similar to seafood paella, but made with pasta instead of rice. Made with durum wheat semolina of the highest quality, it is free of additives, colorings and preservatives, being 100% natural.

If you want to know more about the different types of rice that we offer, you can visit our blog, where we offer you a detailed explanation of each type of rice.

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Textile sac Bomba rice Certified D.O. (Denominación de Origen) from Valencia Natural product produced at the Albufera Natural Park Great capacity to absorb flavours and aromas Enough to serve...
€10.49 €10.74
Commercial Presentation Certified D.O. (Denominación de Origen) from Valencia Natural product with Bahia and Senia varieties produced at the Albufera Natural Park Round short rice with great...
Textile sac Bomba rice Certified D.O. (Denominación de Origen) from Valencia Natural product produced at the Albufera Natural Park Great capacity to absorb flavours and aromas Enough to serve...
€2.99 €3.23
100% Maratelli rice, it stands out for its resistance to overcooking, its extraordinary qualities, especially its consistency once cooked make it the ideal rice for catering, take away food, giant paellas.. It is...
€3.39 €3.69
Rice of the Albufera variety, an organic hybrid that combines the most appreciated characteristics of the most popular varieties of rice, with a high capacity for absorbing flavors and a great resistance to...
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