Induction Paella Pans

Induction paella pans or glass-ceramic paella pans are manufactured expressly with the aim of being used for glass-ceramic or induction fires, whether for use at home, restaurants or bars.

Contrary to traditional paella pans, whose lower part has a convex shape, induction paella pans are perfectly flat in order to optimize the contact surface, they also have a reinforced bottom that increases their resistance to torsion or unwanted bending.

We have multiple types of induction paella pans, you can select between the traditional polished steel paella pans, the anti-oxidant enameled paella pans or the stainless steel paella pans, which combine the benefits of the previous two without any of their disadvantages.

The polished steel paella pan is the most traditional paella pan, it distributes the heat evenly and quickly due to being made 100% of steel. It is susceptible to oxidation and requires maintenance, a layer of vegetable oil on its surface, after it has been cleaned and dried after use.

The enameled steel paella pan is covered with a layer of black enamel, sometimes speckled with white dots, which prevents oxidation. It does not require maintenance after use, but it is advised to clean it with the soft part of the scourer to avoid scratching the enamel and, due to this, eliminate its antioxidant properties.

The stainless steel paella pan maintains its classic polished finish, adding to its characteristic antioxidant capabilities. It does not require maintenance and only requires washing with soap and water after use. This paella is also the only one that has a heat-diffusing bottom that contributes to the distribution of heat evenly throughout the base of the paella, making it an excellent option since it further increases the durability of the paella pan and achieves the best results in paellas cooked in a ceramic or induction hob

If you are wondering which type of induction paella would be the most suitable for you, you can see our comparative video here.

If you don't know what would be the right size for your paella pan, we provide you with a table with all the measurements and their possible portions on our blog.

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