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    Commercial Presentation Certified D.O. (Denominación de Origen) from Valencia Natural product with Bahia and Senia varieties produced at the Albufera Natural Park Round short rice with great absorptive capacity Enough to serve approximately 50-60 main course.

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    Textile sac Bomba rice Certified D.O. (Denominación de Origen) from Valencia Natural product produced at the Albufera Natural Park Great capacity to absorb flavours and aromas Enough to serve approximately 50-60 main course.

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      Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gourmet quality olive oil Great organoleptic balance

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    Saffron threads Commonly known as "red gold" Highly quality

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      Natural saffron colouring Natural 100%

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    Sweet smoked paprika Sweet and aromatic flavor key ingredient in many rice dishes 440 grams of the best paprika for paella

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    Yellow Food Colouring 625 gr or 22,04 oz special for paella and other dish Adds color to rice dishes For all kinds of paella, stews and sauces

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    The "Garrofón" or Butter Beans is an essential ingredient of the Valencian paella - Comfortable 1500 gr or 1.5 kg net bag of Valencian Butter Beans- Valencian varietie Butter Beans has a great capacity to absorb and transmit the flavors of to the paella, our varieties are characterized by a thin skin and creamy texture, very soft on the palate

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    Paella Seasoning is especially used to enhance the flavor of any rice dish and especially the Paella. Catering Jar 635 grams paella condiments, made with spices specially indicated for the paella. Original flavor and aroma. Paella seasoning is used to flavor and get the knack of the paellas.

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    100% Maratelli rice, it stands out for its resistance to overcooking, its extraordinary qualities, especially its consistency once cooked make it the ideal rice for catering, take away food, giant paellas.. It is also indicated for soupy rices and risottos as the grain maintains a good consistency once cooked until it is consumed.  Maratelli rice is grown...