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Although one can have the best paella pan on the market and the burner with the strongest power that your gas cylinder can light, sometimes it is the small details and tools that make our time cooking our paella the most enjoyable.

We offer you in this section a choice of accessories and utensils that we know will help you perfect your paella. You can find paella paddles, paella lids, paella magnet, paella pipette, adjustable and magnetic trivet, paella holder, paella hanger and paella pan and cauldron cleaner.

The stainless steel skimmer or kitchen palette is an essential tool for all rice cookers as it allows us, thanks to its flat round head, to skip the ingredients and evenly distribute the rice in our paella. Thanks to its long handle, whether metallic or wooden (avoids unwanted burns), it allows us to avoid burns and oil splashes.

The paella lids are made of aluminium, which makes them light and comfortable to work with, their main function is to prevent splashes during the frying of the paella ingredients, and also in the final stage of cooking the rice, it can be used to cook the top layer of the rice, as it keeps the vapors and heat of the paella when we let it rest.

The paella magnet is a very useful tool for both professionals and novices, since it allows us to cook our Valencian paella using the correct proportions of broth/rice, thus achieving perfect cooking and rice at its ideal point, cooked but whole and loose.

The paella pipette is a useful utensil to remove the leftover broth from our paella without the need to dump the paella or use other utensils that could remove part of our ingredients or rice. Sometimes, either because of the wind, because of the distribution of the rice, because of the slope of the ground or even because the sun hits a part of the paella, it happens that there are parts of the paella that dry out more than others. The pipette, equipped with a filter at the tip, which prevents the passage of the grain of rice, allows us to redistribute the broth from the parts with surpluses to the driest parts quickly and easily, get paellas of 10 with our pipette for paella .

The trivets for paella allow us to leave our paella on any surface without the fear of stains and burns, either through its adjustable version for all kinds of paella pans or its magnetic version, quick and easy to use as it only requires bringing the bottom of the the paella to join this.

The paella holder offers us a safer alternative to burns for the transport of our paellas from their burner to the table, in enameled steel variants and their professional version in stainless steel, they are an element of distinction and differential when it comes to serving. paellas on restaurant tables and for those who want to surprise their guests with a different, clean and elegant way of bringing our paellas to the table.

The paella hanger is made of reinforced steel and coated with epoxy paint to prevent rust, capable of holding up to 10 paella pans, it is a quick and easy way to save space and keep our paella pans organized and taking up very little space.

Finally, the cleaner for paella pans and cauldrons is a special degreasing gel for the steel of paella pans and cauldrons, whose use is based on the easy removal of remains of burnt food, socarrát and the dark edges of the paella pan, with the cleaner for paellas, you will quickly and effortlessly clean grease stains, burns, rust, etc.

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€15.94 €16.69
This for paella magnet is perfect to measure our broth and add the rice at the exact moment, allowing us to control our broth and rice in a practical and simple way. This measuring magnet is made of stainless steel,...
€11.95 €12.45
With the paella kitchen pipette you will never have to worry about the rice overflowing since you can remove the excess broth before the cooking time is up. It is easy to use, just by pressing the bulb it will absorb...
The LOCOS POR LOS ARROCES apron is here! With it you can now boast of being a real LOCO and let yourself be carried away by your passion for RICE.  The apron is screen-printed in DTF with the logo of the group LOCOS...
- Universal Windshield. Easy setup - Made of galvanised steel - Modular accesory - Hangs directly from paella pan - Choose your windshield suitable for paella pans from 30-100cm
The paella burner lighter is a modern accessory that allows us to light our kitchen fires, stoves, barbecues, candles and much more from our burner. Thanks to its extra-long rod, we will be far from possible burns...
€22.94 €23.40
HANGER FOR PAELLA PANS Paella hanger - Resistant: Made of reinforced steel and coated with epoxy paint to prevent oxidation - Practical: our paella rack is suitable to hang up any type of paellas. - Large storage...




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