At Original Paella we want to be your best ally in setting up your restaurant specializing in paellas, rice dishes or Spanish restaurants in Spain or anywhere in the world.

Our extensive knowledge and experience in the Valencian hotel industry can be the best ally that accompanies you in your project. If you have asked yourself any of these questions, we can help you:

What menu is the most suitable for my Spanish restaurant or rice restaurant?

We offer you the elaboration of detailed files of the recipes, specifications and recommended qualities for the ingredients that compose it, including weight or measurements per portion, preparation method, cooking times, conservation method and final presentation.

Along with this, we will provide you with a study of the dishes and culinary preparations that make up the current rice offer, including ingredients, types of cut, qualities and varieties, preparation and conservation methods, cooking systems, plating method and decorations.

Who is going to cook in my Spanish restaurant?

You will be able to find personnel for your kitchen through our personnel selection programs: a very important part of the success of the project depends on the asset that the human team represents, aware of this from Originalpaella, we carry out selection processes for chefs and paella masters from Valencia, via:

  1. Design and dissemination of the job offer in local media.
  2. Recruitment of claimants.
  3. Pass of technical and psychotechnical tests of candidates
  4. Submission of selection report
  5. Personal interviews in the final phase with the possibility of videoconferencing with candidates

How can I train my team?

You can train your team through our qualification programs: Train yourself or your team, being able to complete the intensive training program "Paella Master" with a stage in the best Valencian kitchens or we can go to your establishment, anywhere in the world. , and we will train your staff in the necessary techniques for the elaboration of rice, preparation of the mise en place and organization of the service.

1.- Training for mise-en-place:
  • Operation of burners or paelleros
  • The paella, the container
  • Identification of ingredients
  • types of cut
  • Preparation of sofritos
  • Elaboration of funds
  • Rice marking
  • Method of classification and identification of marked rice
  • Final organization prior to service
2.- Training for the service:
  • Preparation of dry rice or paella
  • Preparation of soupy rice
  • funds during the service
  • proportions and measurements
  • cooking times
  • The importance of fire
  • The socarrat of the paella

Along with this, we offer you analysis of the work methodology, to detect failures and improvements in culinary processes and proposals for solutions during the preparation, coordination, organization and supervision of the service.

How do I design the establishment in an ideal way? What equipment do I need in the kitchen of a paella restaurant? How do I make an authentic Spanish restaurant or a rice restaurant? Could I get genuine decoration elements?

We will carry out a study of the location of the facilities on the premises, taking into account all the elements that may affect the functionality of the kitchen and adjoining departments, proposal of machinery, utensils, crockery or other necessary elements, as well as the location of these in kitchen.

How can I get to know the best restaurants in Valencia? Can I see how people work in the kitchens of a Spanish restaurant or one specialized in paellas?

We ourselves will guide you on your visit to Valencia, we will show you the best typical paella and tapas restaurants, you will even be able to enter their kitchens and meet the paella masters.

Contact us, we will be happy to help you, we make it easy for you:

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