Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which paella is better and which one to choose?

Polished steel paella pan are more economical and more resisting to breaking. Also, since they are polished steel, they will need the usual maintenance these kinds of containers require (for more information on care and cleaning please see the "Care Instruction" tab).
Enamelled paella pan are coated with a black and white speckled enamel. This protective layer has several qualities:
- Enables us to use the container in the oven.
- Facilitates its maintenance and cleaning.
- Enables it to be dishwasher safe. Their only downside, is like all enamel ware, they are susceptible to being chipped if dropped or bashed.

You can see everything you need to know in the following video:

Can I use a Paella Pan on my normal domestic gas hob?

Yes depending on the type of cooker you have, if you have a gas range cooker you can use your Paella pan on the range however please note the size of the Paella pan you are planning on using on your gas range. We wouldn’t recommend using anything above a 38 cm pan on your gas range at home as either will not fit or may mean you have to keep moving segments of the Paella pan over the heat in order to cook the dish properly. Original Paella would always recommend that you purchase a Paella gas burner for your new Paella pan in order to provide adequate heat distribution to the dish. If you have an electric/induction or AGA cooker please see our induction paella pans as these have a flat thick sandwich bottom which is suitable for these types of cookers.

What size of paella pan do I need?

We have all sizes of paella pans from 22 cm up to 130 cm wide. The paella pan you need depends on the number of diners. Each of our paella pans shows the number of portions, both starter and main.

You can also look at our table of paella pan sizes based in which amount of people you are going to cook here:

You can learn more about this table in our forum.

What differences are there between domestic and professional gas burners?

The domestic paella gas burner is the classic, resistant and functional burner. Approved for outdoor use only, it has the vertical gas outlet on the upper part of the tube. It is available in a wide range of sizes. There are specific models for natural gas and for a butane/propane tank.
Professional paella gas burners include a safety valve in each ring (thermocouple), which makes them suitable for use in closed or semi-closed spaces.
You can see everything you need to know in the following video:

What size burner do I need?

We have included in the description of each burner the range of paella pans it can accommodate. In any case, as a general rule it is a good idea to know that the base of the paella pan must exceed the diameter of the ring by 6-10 cm so that, as they say, it envelopes the container without burning the sides and the handle.

You can also see our size chart to easily get the right burner size based on the size of paella pan you want to buy:

You can learn more about this painting on our blog.

What type of gas can I use with the gas paella burner?

The gas burners can work with Butane gas, with propane gas and with natural gas (methane), basically there are 2 models, the one that works for butane / propane gas and the one that works with natural gas or methane gas, as you will see in the description of All our burners, you must indicate at the time of ordering the type of gas you want, otherwise, we will send you the butane / propane gas model that represents more than 97% of our sales

What paella pan holders can I use?

We have several types of supports for our paella pans, depending on the functionality and arrangement of our paella pans, we can choose between several ranges, with the mini legs that can be found in three models. if what we need is not to burn the table or countertop on which we use our burner. We also have supports for burners that raise the burner off the ground with the convenience of working standing up if we have our paella pan outside. For more information you can see the video that we leave you below:

-Types of legs:

-Types of mini legs:

Are the burners compatible with gas connections in other countries?

Not all countries use the same gas connections. When you place your order, indicate the destination country so we can send you an adapted burner that complies with the current regulations of your country at no extra cost.

Can I buy ingredients?

Due to limitations in food exporting, the sections with ingredients for paella or paella kits with ingredients will only be automatically available for European customers. For other customers there is a large amount of products on our website and to purchase them you can get in touch through the contact form to find out if we can send them, depending on the product and destination country. We will reply as soon as possible.

What kind of rice is better?

It is a question whose answer is complex to the extent that the rice will be better depending on the use to which we are going to destine, that is, a recipe for a dry rice or paella is not the same as a soup rice or a creamy rice and Therefore, there are varieties that are more suitable for one type of rice or another, the same thing also happens when with the time that passes from preparation to consumption, that is, a paella that we cook and we put at the moment is made at home with a rice to a paella in processes such as a restaurant menu that is prepared at twelve o'clock and served until three o'clock or in a catering or in a delivery or a takeaway where time passes from its preparation to its service.

For more information see the video below:

How much does postage cost?

Postage costs will be shown once the order is completed, depending on the volumetric weight of the packages and the destination country. In our Postage and Returns section you will find more information on this subject.

How long will my order take to arrive?

International delivery times vary between 3 and 8 business days, depending on the destination. You can check them in our Postage and Returns section.

There are some products that need to be ordered specially (large sized paella pans, natural gas paella stoves or stoves with special international connections), in which case the product specification shows when it will be available, to which we must add the delivery time depending on the destination.

In exceptional circumstances, we may not have a product in stock so delivery may take longer, though we will always inform you if this is the case.

If we receive your order before 12.00 pm (Monday to Friday) and we have all the items available, we will dispatch your order that same afternoon.

Why should I log in?

In order to process the order and make a relation between the purchase and your data, you must login. If you're a new customer, you can register with your email address and following the steps.

If you are already a customer of Original Paella, then you can login with your email address and your password. If you've forgotten your password, just click "forgot password" and we will help you from there.

What guarantee do these products have?

The same as in a physical store. Two years from date of purchase against any manufacturing defect.

Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order at no additional cost, provided it has not yet been dispatched.

Do you accept returns?

If the product is not to your satisfaction, you have 14 days (from receipt of the product) to return it. In order to do so, the product should be in its original packaging, untouched, and must not have been used. You will also need to keep your original invoice. Once we receive the product and confirm it, originalpaella promises to reimburse your money after deducting transport costs.

If the product is returned because of a factory defect, originalpaella will cover all relevant transportation costs, and will reimburse payment for the product or replace it with another in perfect condition.

In the case of special products that have to be especially ordered (large sized paella pans, industrial burners, etc.), we cannot accept returns, unless the product is faulty.

If your order had become faulty or damaged during transportation, please make a note of this on the courier’s delivery note and inform us of the incident through our contact form within 24 hours.

In order to return the product, contact us and we will tell you what steps you need to follow to send it to us.




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