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Posted on2 Years ago 1353

In this next article you will find a solution to the main enemy that all rice farmers have when cooking outdoors: the wind.

We all know that when our burners face the wind, they lose their efficiency due to the wind moving our flame or being directly extinguished by the wind. You don't have to worry anymore, with the universal windscreen accessory we offer you a simple solution to this age-old problem.

Its assembly is simple, as we show in the video, we only need to place the first plate using the hooks on the edge of the paella, after this, we simply repeat this action with the other two plates until surrounding the burner.

Along with its ability to protect the wind, it is easy to store once we no longer need to use it, thanks to being made up of multiple hooks and flat and flexible segments of galvanized steel that can be easily stored, from drawers, a box of cardboard or a plastic bag, its size and flexibility guarantees easy storage after we finish making our paella.

We should take into account that this model can be selected from multiple versions of two, three or four plates, which offers us a range of 30 cm to 100 cm of coverage for our burner. Keep in mind that there are also windscreen versions for giant paellas, so no matter what size pan you use, your burner will be protected from the wind.

An interesting fact is that its shape allows for a stove effect on the burner, which increases the efficiency of the heat provided by the paellero, reducing gas consumption in its process.

In the video we also show you a simulation of how the windbreak works against the wind, so you can see first-hand how it protects our burner to ensure that our paella turns out perfect for all our diners.

We hope that the information in this article has been helpful to you, rice farmers.

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