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Wines for paella

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Paella is a complete and tasty dish whose flavor is appreciated in each spoonful of rice, which, apart from being accompanied by good company, is a dish that should be accompanied with good wine.

In this entry of our blog we are going to recommend the wines to accompany paellas, whatever kind they are, so that the wine you use does not detract from the flavor of your rice, but rather enhances it.

What are the recommended wines for paella?

Paella is a dish that has great versatility when it comes to wine. If we talk about a Valencian paella, it can be enjoyed with white wines or even with young and fruity red wines. Rosé wines are a good option if the paella has a more subtle flavor, not so intense.

If we are looking for red wines, it is generally recommended that it be young and fruity. Keep in mind that if the paella has an intense flavor, it is not advisable to use a red wine with a lot of aging, as it can be very heavy.

If we prefer white wines, light and fresh fermented wines made with muscat grapes are recommended, as they can help balance the rich nuances of the paella.

Rosé wines provide a touch of freshness and acidity that complement the paella.

If we prefer cava, we have to keep in mind that it is a perfect drink for all types of rice, this is because sparkling wines can turn a paella into something more special when paired with a good cava. The effervescence and acidity provide an experience of another level.

Even so, the best way to find the perfect pairing for Valencian paella and all kinds of paellas is to experiment with different wines, in order to find the one we like best with our favorite paella.

To help you in this search, we offer you some specific recommendations for pairing Valencian paella and other rice dishes.

Types of wine according to paella

Valencian paella

Reds, young or aged

Red wine 53 covetes. Fruity, with notes of ripe fruit. Vall d'Albaida and Sierra de Mariola. Monastrell and the native Bonicaire. Aged for 4 months in French oak.


Impromptu. Unctuous and fresh, good final acidity. D.O.P. Utiel-Requena. Sauvignon Blanc 100%.


Impromptu Rosé. Rose wine for aging, D.O.P. Utiel-Requena. Pinot Noir. Vegetable and chicken rice, soft cheeses.

Sparkling wine

PAIVA cava brut nature. high effervescence with fine bubbles, powerful and round, with a cheerful acidity that makes it lively and elegant, just like its long aftertaste. Macabeo chardonnay. Sparkling wine from the Valencian community.

Meat paellas, more robust, offal, such as oxtail, fetge de bou, ribs, etc.


Ceramic. Robusto, de tanino dulce y elegante acidez. Criado en tinaja, combina su crianza en tinaja con el envejecimiento en barricas de roble francés. Monastrell

Bobos farm house the drunk 100% bobal. Grilled meats, roasts, red meat stews or cured cheeses.

Gaba Mencia. Fresh, light, mineral touch. Fluid, with a persistent finish, it reflects its youth, an expressive wine that is easy to enjoy on any occasion. 100% Mencia.


Korde By Pinea. Rosé wine with personality, brightness and freshness. Incredibly good with spicy foods refreshing spicy power. Aging in barrels. 90% tempranillo.


Ossian. Segovian Verdejo, white slow fermentation in barrels. It is very balanced, with a very good acidity. With an elegant and intense finish. Always among the best whites in Spain. It is advisable to decant.

Payment of Tharsys rosé brut nature. Garnacha Organic Sparkling Wine. Fine bubble that leaves a creamy sensation in the mouth. Final flavor of freshly baked bread and butter. Balsamic touch.

Seafood paella

We recommend whites with more body, such as: Bobal, Verdejo, Sauvignon, Albariño, chardonnay. Gewürztraminer, godello, muscatel.

Payment of the Grandparents Barreiros Vineyard. Fresh wine, ripe fruit, unctuous. Good acidity, wine with freshness and minerality. 100% Godello.

Protos Verdejo White Wine, D.O. Rice dishes with seafood, paella, fresh or blue cheeses.

Blanc de noirs. Aroma of wild strawberry, white flowers and ripe white fruit. A refreshing acidity with a long finish reminiscent of forest fruit. A white wine made from red grapes. Bobal D.O. Utiel-Requena. Bodegas Torres or Verdejo wineries López Heredia.

Paellas with cod or intense seafood

For paella with the most intense sea flavor we recommend: Dry wine, jar wine with Pedro Ximénez D.O Montilla Moriles grapes, Pérez Barquero winery. Txomin Etxaniz DO Getariko Txakoli white wine.

Alvear, 3 Miradas El Garrotal 2020. The complexity is surprising, apple, quince, herbaceous touches of fresh fennel, fantastic fluid and enveloping texture. with grapes of the Pedro Ximénez variety. Versatile, fish rice.

Mixed paella

The advisable wines to pair this paella are sparkling wine, light, fruity rosés. Rosés from the Valencian Community, Gandía wineries or Navarra Chivite wineries.

Impromptu Rosé. Rose wine for aging, D.O.P. Utiel-Requena. Pinot Noir. Vegetable and chicken rice, soft cheeses. Hispanic+ Swiss wineries

Sericis, old Pinot Noir vines. Murviedro. Fleshy, complex, unctuous, balanced tannins and a roasted finish.

Black Paella Rice

For this type of rice we recommend young red wines, Grenache, Monastrell, light, fresh, fruity, with notes of red fruits.
As for white wines, we recommend light white wines, muscatel grapes whose sweet fruity touch contrasts with the sparkling garlic oil.
In general, we recommend wines with not too much alcohol.

Garnacha Centenaria Beech Reserve. In the mouth, soft, voluminous, broad, fleshy, harmonious, rich in nuances, very balanced and with a broad and very long aftertaste.

White muga fermented in barrels. Seafood rice, fish, steamed mussels, grilled squid fresh, meaty, with a warm and energetic persistence, in which the memories perceived in the nose return. White is bright, very clean. Its tears are quite dense and point to a creaminess that we perceive both in the nose and in the mouth; It is a white with body and volume.

Vegetable paella

With mushrooms

Finca Ferrer Collection 1310 Pinot Noir red. Young, fresh, modern, with soft tannins, good acidity and chalky mineral notes. Ideal to accompany rice, mushroom sauce-based meals and creamy pastas.

With artichoke

Domain of Vega Brut nature. Great aromatic complexity with hints of pastries, fresh notes of white fruit, creams and vanilla. Macabeo, Chardonnay. balanced carbon. Creamy, long and pleasant finish.

All types of meals and alone. It stands out with vegetable rice, fish, shellfish, and not very spicy white and red meats.

With light vegetables

Domaine Schieferkopf, dry Riesling, Gewurstraminer. Very mineral, round, saline and with a long finish.

The Kika. Chamomile from Sanlúcar de Barrameda, which gives a saline touch. Yuste Wineries.

Round, dry, saline, at the same time very fresh and light. Firm and enveloping. Reminds of dried fruits, toasted notes. Balanced, long and persistent. Old gold color. Fragrant. with notes of nuts, yeast, memories of sea breeze and saline and iodized touches. Notes of chalk, very mineral, complex and elegant.

Baked rice

For this rice we recommend powerful reds, Grenache, Syrah.

Care Red on lees. The wine shows its fruity power with a perfect balance, intense and with volume. Long finish. 75% Grenache –25% Syrah DO Cari.

The Friars. Young organic Valencian red, young, highly influenced by the Mediterranean breezes, fresh, Mediterranean, very aromatic.

Rice in fesols and naps

Care Red on Lees. Intense cherry color with reflections in violet tones, which result in an attractive appearance. Perfumed and ripe red and black fruits. On the palate, the wine shows its fruity power with a perfect balance, intensity and volume. Long finish. 75% Grenache and 25% Syrah. Aged for 2 months in French oak barrels.

We hope that our recommendations help you enjoy this wine tasting with your favorite paellas, rice lovers. Don't forget that you can enjoy your harvest wines in the most traditional way with a clay jug.

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