Dried Ñora for Salmorreta

  • Dried Ñora bag format of 25gr
  • Popularly known as "Pepper Ball"
  • The Ñora is the main ingredient of the famous sauce called "Salmorreta", it provides a special flavor and color to fish and seafood paellas.
  • Grown in Spain handpicked and of the highest quality
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The dried ñora is a product that is traditionally used as the main part of the "Salmorreta", a special sauce that provides the coppery color and a spectacular flavor to our rice dishes and seafood and fish paellas, its use in paella has its origin in the area of ​​Alicante, where it is an essential ingredient in the best rice dishes and paellas, providing that typical color and flavor of Alicante rice dishes, commonly known as "bell pepper", it is a product that provides a great special aroma to our kitchen , that comes in a 25gr bag format guaranteeing all the freshness of the best dried peppers.

This kind of pepper is called "ñora" or "pepper ball", this name comes from the fact that it was cultivated mainly in Murcia by the monks of the Order of Jerónimos, in a town called "Ñora". A district of the Huerta de Murcia region called "añora", referring to a "wheel that works by water", a waterwheel used to raise water and thus facilitate irrigation of the land.

Dried ñoras or dehydrated ñoras are a cultivated variety of Capsicum annuum, these dried ñoras are an unknown gastronomic treasure used throughout eastern Spain for the preparation of paellas and rice dishes, thanks to their characteristic intense and sweet flavor. The ñora is a sun-dried pepper, with a small round size and a very peculiar bright red color that should not be confused with the chorizo ​​pepper since the flavor it provides gives very different results, even if it is prepared in a similar way. .

To add dried ñora to our rice dishes, we have to contemplate the different uses of this dry pepper in order to take advantage of all the potential it offers us, with this ñora for paella we have to remember that it is not like paprika, therefore, its use is different.

What is Salmorreta for paellas?

Traditionally, dehydrated ñora is the basis for making the famous Salmorreta for paella, a typical sauce of Alicante cuisine made up of dried ñora, garlic, parsley, tomato and olive oil. This sauce gives us a color with a coppery tone and a powerful flavor to our rice dishes, and is especially suitable for fish and seafood paellas.

As a recommendation before use, you should wash it, then you can fry, chop or extract its pulp, remembering to remove the seed and stem and boil them for 5 minutes, getting all its flavor for our rice dishes or stews.

The use of dried ñoras is not complicated, so to make paellas we should have this fantastic product in our kitchen since ñoras are part of our gastronomic culture.

Carmencita is one of the most recognized brands in Spain with its ranges of spices that adorn most food and gourmet stores.

Why buy the ñora for paella?

This 25 gr format of ñora brings you the flavor of the mythical "pepper ball" in a small but tasty format, ready to be prepared in thousands of ways, add the flavor of ñora to your rice dishes and paellas through the appreciated Salmorreta .

Trick to preserve the Salmorreta for a longer time

As paella masters that we are, we let you in on this little trick to keep your Salmorreta for much longer than other people.

If you prepare Salmorreta, remember that you can freeze it and use it in several paellas, you can also freeze it in ice cubes, this way it will be very easy to portion it later in different paellas or move it to other places in a compact and efficient way.

You can find similar tricks for your paellas and paella accessories on our blog.

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