paella kitchen pipette

With the paella kitchen pipette you will never have to worry about the rice overflowing since you can remove the excess broth before the cooking time is up.

It is easy to use, just by pressing the bulb it will absorb the broth from our paella in a fast and efficient way, as well as, thanks to the filter that it has, it will not extract the rice.

It is made of plastic which is resistant and easy to clean.

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With this pipette for paella you can make the rice dry when it reaches its cooking point, preventing the rice from overcooking. This will allow you to use soft round grain rice, such as varieties from Bahia, Senia, J. Sendra, etc. with complete safety, since this rice absorbs much more flavor than other varieties of hard grain rice, such as Bomba rice. Due to this, our paellas will be much tastier and we will be able to find this rice at the best price.

The kitchen pipette can be used in all kinds of paellas or rice dishes that you prepare, both in Valencian paella, Alicante paella, seafood paella, etc... It can be used both on wood or gas fires. This plastic pipette gives us the security and peace of mind that we won't be left with stale rice, since it can be used with paella pans of any size.

A tool is essential when making paellas outdoors, where the wind can reduce the power of the fire on one side of the paella or the sun can make it drier on one side than the other, even simply due to an irregular distribution of the rice in our paella, in these cases, the amount of water that we had calculated will not be correct and it will not evaporate through all the paella areas in a regular or homogeneous way. With the pipette for paellas and thanks to its filter that does not allow the grain of rice to pass through, you will be able to remove the excess broth from the paella or even add it to the driest areas without the need to add water, with what this entails (loss of flavor, unwanted stains on the paella), with the paella pipette our paella will be dry just in time, leaving our rice at the ideal cooking point on the entire surface of our paella.


When you use the paella pipette, you should have a container next to it where you can put the leftover broth.

When you are going to aspirate the broth, you must place the tip of the pipette at the bottom of the paella to aspirate more efficiently.

Please keep the kitchen pipette clean before use.

How to use:

If we see that after 9 minutes with the broth boiling the grains of rice do not rise, it means that the rice can be passed and that our paella might not be as we want. To avoid this, we can use the paella pipette and remove the broth until the rice begins to appear in the paella pan and the rice is cooked to perfection.

When the rice is exposed after having removed the remaining broth with the plastic pipette, you should let the paella cook until the end, if you have little broth to remove it will only take 1 minute, if there is a quantity top, it will take you between 2-3 minutes to remove the broth from the paella to get the famous "arroz socarrat" or "socarrat de la paella", once you have managed to dry the rice, after having finished its cooking time , you will have to turn up the heat between 1 and 2 minutes to create the socarrat.

Illustrative video of how to use the paella pipette:

Why buy the pipette for paella?

The paella pipette is a very useful device to more easily distribute the broth of our paella through the drier portions or to eliminate the leftover broth without taking away portions of the rice in its process. Effective for novices and paella masters alike, make sure you always get a perfect paella with this simple accessory.

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