Reinforced Stand


  • Reinforced paella burner legs

  • Height: 75 cm

  • Suitable for paella burners from 40 cm up to 70 cm.

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Paella gas burner reinfoced legs are ideal to lift your Paella to a height where you can comfortably cook at. This stable set-up is made more secure by a triangle of three braces between the legs. The legs slip onto the paella burner and are tightened with thumb screws (no screwdriver required), and you can easily adjust each leg to level the paella burner. It stores very compactly

Guide - How to install reinforced legs on our burner - Types of paella burners legs

The reinforced legs are the most harder to install that its other alternatives, but they are the most stable out of them. To install them we need to flip our paella burner, then be insert each leg over the legs of the paella burner, using a with of presure, and tighten the screws in each one. After we have settled them, we only have left the sleepers, we recommend to install two at the same time, with this trick, we only need to one the other sleeper to the other two legs as we finish the installation.

In the following video you can see a demostrantion of how to install the reinforced legs and its sleepers in your paella burner:

You can find more information in how to install your reinforced legs on your paella burner in our blog.

Should be have to highlight some differences within the different kind of legs for paella burners, we could indicate that the reinforced legs are the most resistant to weight thanks to the crossings, which allows it to support burners from up to 70 cm and, in some cases, up to 90 cm.

In the following video you can watch the diferent kinds of paella burner legs:

If you want to obtain more information over the differences within the types of paella burner legs you can visit our blog.

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