Adjustable Stand For Gas Burner

  • Made of aluminium

  • Height: 70 cm

  • Suitable for Paella burners from 35 cm up to 60 cm

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€23.89 €25.05
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The adjustable stand for paella gas burner is ideal for raising the paella pan to a height where it can be cooked comfortably. It is adjustable and universal since it is prepared to be used with all our paella burners or gas burners from 30 to 70 cm in diameter (except professional burners for intensive use)

This support for gas burner is very light, since it is made of aluminum, it is foldable and thanks to its folding system it guarantees comfort, easy assembly and collection.

The adjustable tripod can be easily adjusted for our pans, we simply need to turn it counterclockwise, move the upper circular supports that are on the tripod rails where we want, and readjust it by turning it counterclockwise. .

This tripod is also levelable, allowing us to level our pan so that it is centered and balanced to our needs. This can be done simply by unscrewing the supports on the legs of the paellero, an action that we can perform individually for each leg, facilitating balance on uneven or rocky ground.

Also effective for countertops and benchtops thanks to its size and leveling ability.

How to install an adjustable tripod

The installation of the adjustable tripod is quick and easy. First, we take its fixed leg and separate its two sisters from this one, we set it in the ground and adjust the cymbals to the right distance for our paella gas burner. We should also remember than the cymbals can be manually screwed in and out to better level the paella burner to our desired high.

In this video you can see a demonstration of how to install the adjustable tripod:

If you want to learn more about how to install the adjustable tripod you can visit our blog.

Types of paella burners legs

If we need to highlight anything from the different types of burner legs, we should indicate that the adjustable stand is the easiest the mount and can be adjusted to our desired high thanks to the screws in the inferior part of itself.

In the following video you can watch the different types of paella burner legs and their differences:

If you want to obtain more information over the differences within the types of paella burner legs you can visit our blog.

Why buy the adjustable tripod for paella burner?

The adjustable tripod for paella burner is an easy-to-install accessory that allows us to raise our burner to a comfortable height to cook our paellas.

Being levelable and adjustable, we can easily customize it to our own taste, ensuring not only comfort during our kitchen, but also avoiding dust from the floor or burns on the surface where we cook.

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