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Hello rice cookers, today we will see the different types of paellas that are available for induction and ceramic hobs, as we can see they all have two unique characteristics, the first is that they are completely flat, that is, unlike traditional paellas, which are a concave to help distribute the fire flame, on this occasion they are completely flat, because what we want is for them to come into contact with the entire surface of the ceramic or induction hob, they also have a second characteristic in common and is that they are of special thickness or reinforced, because the induction fire is more aggressive and they tend to bend, hence the need for them to be reinforced.

Now let's look at the three lines:

The polished steel paella represents the traditional one, it is one hundred percent steel and that facilitates the distribution of heat, in addition to also facilitating the creation of a good socarrát, as for the inconveniences that we can find is that it requires maintenance since it rusts , that is, we must put a layer of vegetable oil on it once it is clean and dry to prevent oxidation.

The enamelled paella is the one that we see that is black with white dots, this paella is manufactured in an identical way to the polished paella, but it takes one more process, a ceramic enamel is added and it is finished in the oven, which gives it that black touch. This layer of ceramic enamel gives us the advantages of not requiring maintenance, since it does not rust and therefore we will not have to put oil on it once it is clean and dry, in addition, as we can leave it to soak, it makes cleaning easier since after letting it soak for a few hours it can be cleaned very easily. As drawbacks, we must warn of scratching or hitting the enamel, since, if it becomes loose or scratched, it will lose its antioxidant capacities, in addition, it turns out to be a little more expensive than the polished steel paella, however, this price increase is justified thanks to its easy cleaning and not having to do maintenance.

The stainless steel paella pan has a spectacular appearance that can even be seen in their mirror effect. It is a paella that combines the traditional aesthetics of polished steel and the comfort of enameled steel since it does not require maintenance either, it also has a special and different characteristic from the previous ones and that is that it has a bottom with an aluminum sandwich, this bottom Aluminum allows us, on the one hand, to distribute the heat even more quickly and evenly and also gives it greater resistance to bending and bending with use.

As we can see, the three paellas give us what we need to make a paella, but there is none in this line that is non-stick and the reason for this decision is because we believe that non-stick paella is not the best kind of paella, since that we are looking for the appreciated socarrat and to obtain the socarrát we must scratch the paella. if we scratch it over a non-stick coating, we will end up eating it along with the rice, so our recommendations would be either the polished steel paella or the stainless steel paella.

Now you have the information so you can decide which is your paella pan.

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