Saffron Threads Box/Jar 1g

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Our greatest treasure, all the aroma and flavor of our cuisine, in our protected glass jar of 1g of saffron threads, so that you can make this exclusive spice an essential ingredient for your original paellas.

Carmencita is one of the most recognized brands in Spain with its ranges of spices that adorn most food and gourmet stores.

Popularly known as “red gold”, saffron comes from the stigmas of the Crocus sativus flower, and to obtain a kilo of this precious spice it is necessary to collect more than 150,000 flowers. Bearing in mind that the entire process, both the harvesting of the flowers and the trimming of each of the flower stigmas, is done by hand, it is easy to understand why saffron is the most expensive spice in the world.

The beautiful color that saffron threads provide to foods and their characteristic slightly bitter taste is due to a set of pigments. For the correct use of saffron, it is necessary to know how to get the most out of it and keep in mind that using more quantity will not obtain better effects.

Saffron has an expiration date, and refuses to sleep forever on the spice shelf, over time it loses its properties. It must be taken into account that there are different kinds of saffron with differentiating characteristics depending on their place of origin and the floral remains of style they contain, which, as we have mentioned, reduce quality depending on the percentage of the product they occupy.

When it comes to conserving it, some rules must be observed since, due to the effect of humidity, it loses aromatic qualities and, when exposed to light, its color decreases. In the past, the already toasted strands were wrapped in cotton handkerchiefs that were kept in metal boxes.

How do we use saffron?

Who has never prepared a paella by pouring a few strands over the paella pan? The result is disappointing, a white plate with some scattered yellowish spots just where a blade of saffron has fallen.

For all its properties to emerge, experienced consumers usually toast the strands. The most traditional method consists of wrapping them in a thin paper and placing it on the lid of the pot. After a few seconds of heat, crush the paper by pressing with your hands or crushing it in a mortar and then add our special saffron for paellas.

A more modern version roasts the saffron threads by keeping them for about 25 seconds in the microwave, when they break when touched, they are placed in a container and pulverized. They are then dissolved in a hot liquid such as water or milk, because saffron does not stain fats, although it does transmit its aromatic and savory power. It only remains to add them to the paella that we are preparing a few minutes before turning off the heat.

Following these instructions will increase the aromatic properties and the color will be distributed more evenly throughout the preparation and with this saffron for paella, we will have more flavor and color in your paellas.

It is an essential ingredient in paellas and fideuàs, what would traditional paella be without its natural solar color!

Why buy stranded saffron for paella?

A 1g jar of stranded saffron provides you with one of the most classic paella ingredients in its most natural possible form, prepared to be ground, toasted or soaked for consumption and use in paella, to give it that color and special flavor that so characterizes the traditional and original paella.

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