Paella Burner Legs


  • Paella Burner 3 Legs

  • Height: 75 cm

  • Suitable for Paella Burners from 20 cm up to 40 cm.

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When making our paellas we need our paella pan to be stable and in a comfortable position, thanks to these adjustable steel legs, we can adjust their height to the perfect size, avoiding irregularities in the floor that could harm the flavor of our rice. and allowing to perfectly level our paella pans.

These legs are perfectly assembled so that they do not have any type of damage from the moment you buy them until they are in your hand, ready to assemble and enjoy the paella. They have a size of 67.5 cm, and with the paella pan assembled its structure is 72 cm, supporting a maximum load of 20 kg.

The legs for paellero are essential since, by placing the paella pan at a certain height, we prevent sand or other undesirable elements that are at ground level from entering, in turn avoiding overheating of the surfaces where it would have been cooked. They are only compatible with high power or professional paella pans, not with round tube paella pans.

These legs are levelable thanks to the screws or threads located at the foot of the legs. After installing the adjustable legs in our paellero, we simply have to screw or unscrew these threads individually to level our paella to our own liking, ensuring a perfect balance for our burner.

The assembly of these legs is simple and easy, the first thing we must do is turn the support of the paellero, each leg is connected individually, so we put the leg above the handle of the support of the paellero and tighten with the wing nuts butterfly (we do not need a screwdriver) so that they are well attached.

How to put the three legged system in our burner

The assembly of the three legged system is quick and easy to do. You will need to turn your burner upside down so that its legs are found pointing skyward, following this, we put each leg over the legs of the burner and screw the screw manually until we are sure they are safe in our burner. With this finished, we simply turn around our burner so as to use it.

In the following video you will be able to see a simple demonstration of how to put the three legged system:

If you want to know more over how to put your three legged system in a burner visit our blog.

Types of paella burners legs

If we should highlight anything from the different kind of leg burners, we should indicate that the paella burner legs is the easiest and more economic of the bunch, but it has the limitation of only being able to sustatin 20 g of weight.

In the following video you can see the differences within the different types of paella burner legs:

If you want to obtain more information over the differences within the types of paella burner legs you can visit our blog.

Why buy the set of 3 legs?

The set of 3 legs for paella burner is a simple but effective accessory that allows us to raise any burner to not only cook comfortably, but also to avoid dust on the floor. Being compact and easy to store, they are perfect for use outdoors or in open spaces.

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