5 Kg Bomba Paella Rice

  • Textile sac

  • Bomba rice Certified D.O. (Denominación de Origen) from Valencia

  • Natural product produced at the Albufera Natural Park

  • Great capacity to absorb flavours and aromas

  • Enough to serve approximately 50-60 main course.

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Bomba Rice with Designation of Origin Valencia gourmet quality 100% Valencian guaranteed by the producer, produced in the Albufera Natural Park since 1986, and since 1989 it is recognized as "Wetland of International Importance". The authentic Valencian rice in your original paella.

Cultivated in the Iberian Peninsula since the Middle Ages and preserved by genetic selection at the Sueca Rice Station (Valencia) since 1929. The production of Bomba rice is limited due to the delicacy of its cultivation.

It is a short-grain variety that has a pearly color. Its size is equivalent to that of round rice, sometimes even smaller, but bomba rice has the unique characteristic of multiplying more than twice its size when cooked. Its main characteristics are its great capacity to absorb flavors and aromas, and that it always stays at its point, loose and whole.

These culinary excellences mean that it is considered one of the best rice dishes in the world by expert chefs and that it receives the name "King of Rice". This type of rice is, due to its characteristics and its worldwide use in hundreds of thousands of kitchens, the gourmet rice par excellence.

They have a high absorption capacity (1 part of rice/2.5-3 of broth), which makes it particularly suitable for use in paellas, arroz a banda, etc., although it can also be used perfectly for other types of rice, such as sweet and soupy rice.

Guide - Types of rice- Bomba rice

Bomba rice, due to its organoleptic characteristics, is much more resistant and easy to work with, but it needs a longer cooking time as it is a round grain, we recommend around 17 to 20 minutes of cooking time.

It is a type of rice grain recommended for beginners due to the looseness of the grain and that it maintains its flavor for longer when it has been cooked and left to rest, such as in a restaurant, catering or takeaway.

In the following video you can see more in depth the different types of rice:

If you want to obtain more information about the different types of rice you can visit our blog.

Why buy bomba rice for paella?

The 5 kg pack of bomba rice provides you with a greater quantity of variations of the essential ingredient for every paella: rice.

This variant of rice called Bomba is a rice that has a size equivalent to common round rice, but is characterized by multiplying its size more than twice after cooking. Due to this, it is a suitable rice not only to absorb the flavors and aromas of the broth, but also makes it suitable for creamy and soupy rice.

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