Short adjustable legs

  • Paella burner mini adjustable legs

  • Adjustable in height to perfectly level the paella pan
  • Compatible with our range of flat tube or high power and professional gas burners, not compatible with traditional gas burners.

  • Easy to carry and store.

  • They are only compatible with high power or professional paella burners, not with round tube / traditional paella burners.
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€13.95 €14.12
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The short adjustable legs are a very useful product for when you do not have enough space, they can be used on high surfaces such as countertops, benches or tables, allowing us to have a comfortable height to be able to cook our favorite paellas or rice dishes, in addition, they allow us to preserve our paellas from dust ground.

It is a fundamental complement if you do not have the space to use larger legs, since in this way you will avoid overheating on the supported surface and possible future problems. Remember that the heat produced by the flame of our burners, although it tends to rise, there is always a remnant that during cooking reaches high temperatures, the short adjustable legs allow it to rise and help mitigate that heat that can damage the support surfaces of the gas burner.

Thanks to its simple leveling system, we will be able to level our paella perfectly, we simply need to unscrew or screw the threads located in the lower part of the short legs to raise or lower the paella pan to our desired height.

These adjustable paella legs measure 12.5 cm, once the structure with the burner is assembled it will rise to a height of 19 cm, with a safe system, easy to assemble and disassemble, in addition to being able to be stored in a compact way, meaning that does not take up too much space, they are compatible with all professional or flat tube burners.

They are very easy to assemble, the first thing we must do is turn the paellero support, each leg is connected individually, so we insert the leg outside the leg of the paellero itself and tighten with the butterfly nuts (we do not need a screwdriver) so that they are well secured.

They are only compatible with high power or professional paella burners, not with round tube gas burners.

Installation of adjustable mini legs in our paella burner 

The installation of adjustable mini legs can be made manullay without any kind of difficulty. We need to turn upside down our paella burner and set the mini legs over each leg, making sure that the screws are around the circular shape of the legs of the paella burner. From here, we simply screws the screws in and turn our paella burner upside up again. If we desire to regulate its high, we only need to unscrew or screw the round lower screws in the mini legs to alter the high of the burner until it is where we desire it to be.

In the following video you can see how to install the adjustable mini legs in your burner:

If you want to know more about how to install adjustable mini legs on your burner you can visit our blog.

Types of mini legs for paella burners

We should also highlight that, within the different kind of mini legs, the adjustable mini legs can be altered using their inferior screws to regulate high of the burner, but they can only be used for burners with flat tube.

In the following video you can observe the diferencies between the different kind of mini legs for burners:

If you to know more about the differences between the versions of mini legs for burners you can visit our blog.

Why buy the short adjustable legs?

The short adjustable legs are a compact but effective accessory that allows us to level our burners in smaller spaces, such as countertops, tables or benches, ensuring that our paella pans will not be stained by the dust on the floor or burn the surface where it rests.

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