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Posted on2 Years ago 899

Hello rice cookers, today we will see the different types of mini supports to cook our paellas, in the following video we can see on the table the different types that we offer you on our website:

• The mini legs

• Mini adjustable legs

• The adjustable mini tripod

Each one has some advantages and disadvantages, but mainly, its function is to avoid burning and dirtying the support surface of the paellero, since it is known that the gas paellero tends to have its flames rise upwards, but nevertheless there is a residual heat that can affect the contact surface of these devices. With these accessories we will be able to raise the height of the burner in such a way that this heat does not damage the surface located under these devices.

The assembly of each type of legs is simple, for the mini legs, we simply turn our burner, with its legs pointing upwards, and place the mini legs on each leg, applying a little pressure if necessary. From here, we fix the legs thanks to their thumbscrews, something that we can easily do with our hands, without the need for tools or screwdrivers.

With the legs fixed, we simply turn our burner and we will be ready to make our paella.

Let's continue with the mini adjustable legs, first of all, we turn our burner, with its legs pointing towards the sky, and place the legs on each leg, applying a little pressure if we see that it is necessary. From here, we can fix each leg thanks to the thumbscrews, without the need for tools and only with our hands.

With the legs fixed to the burner, we simply turn it and we will be ready to make our paella. These mini legs are adjustable, and all we have to do is screw or unscrew the screws located at the bottom of the legs to level our paella to our liking.

Last but not least, the adjustable mini tripod, in which we show you a faster and easier way to open, which is to hold it by its fixed leg and while holding it, we can move its other two legs until they are in the center of the bar and from here we can place it on the surface of our choice. This mini version can support the smallest burners, up to 60 cm.

Having seen how to assemble each of the mini legs, let's make a brief summary to see their differences.

The mini legs are compatible with all types of burners and are the most economical option.

The mini adjustable legs also provide the ability to level our paellero to our desired height, being able to compensate for unevenness, but it is only compatible with flat tube burners.

Finally, the adjustable mini tripod is easy to fold and unfold and thanks to its wells we can level the height of any burner, as long as it is between 30 and 70 cm.

We hope that this small article has helped you to know and use the different types of mini legs, rice cookers.

If you want to see more content from our blog, follow this link.

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