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Easy recipe seafood paella

Posted on1 Year ago 2727

Time of preparation: 15 minutes, Cooking time: 90 minutes, 4 diners

4 ud. Mantis shrimp 4 ud. Langoustine
4/8 ud. Prawn/Shrimp 300 gr Calamari
300 gr Swordfish 250 gr Mussel
1 tomato 400 gr rice
8 tablespoonful oil Fish broth
1 little tablespoonful paprika A pinch of saffron otherwise saffron dye
1- Heat up oil 5 Minutes
2- Fry calamari, swordfish and shellfish 10 Minutes
3- Fry grated or crushed tomato 4 Minutes
4- Add rice and paprika 4 Minutes
5- Add fish broth 22 Minutes
6- Let it rest 5 Minutes
Total: 50 Minutes


Simple, we just need the paella pan and a adjustable heat source protected from air. The authentic with orange tree wood particularly appreciated by final taste of the dish, but other woods can be used or even gas stove

  • 1- Carbon steel paella pan
  • 2- Paella burner
  • 3- Paella burner legs
  • 4- Gas regulator
  • 5- Gas cylinder

In this case as shellfish and fish we have used: mantis shrimp, langoustine, prawn/shrimp, calamari, swordfish and mussel. In this case, the base of this paella is a previously prepared fish broth. To prepare the broth has been cooked: ½ Kg rockfish and a big head of monkfish and swordfish.


Add some oil that serves to level the pan ... the oil should be centered. Add some salt too, and light the fire!  

When the oil is hot, add the calamari. We start to fry


When the calamari get brown, add the swordfish, we do like that because calamari need more time to fry.

Once the fish is fried add the shellfish to fry them


When the fish and shellfish are sautéed put them aside on outside of the pan and add grated or crushed tomato, fry for a few minutes  

On this point, add rice, stir and add paprika. Fry rice and paprika along with the fish and the shellfish. .

Add the broth, we add twice the broth than rice. Season with salt, the amount will go to taste but it is important to note that fish in itself is already salty, you should keep taste during the process. Add saffron and the mussels too. Stir to blend. No stir again not to break the rice grain. Strong heat up to start to boil. Fire is essential in this process, the aim is that at 20 minutes the rice is cooked and the paella without broth.

After 20 minutes of cooking, the paella should be dry and the rice cooked, let it rest and ready to eat

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