Gas burner

gas burner paella www.originalpaella.comWithin this section we have different types of burners, also referred to as donuts or wheels for paellas, you can find round tube or traditional gas burners, high power or flat tube paella burners and professional and approved paella pans for indoor use, you can also find paella burners for giant paellas and our paella burners in steel furniture for professionals

Paella gas burners

The paella gas burner connects to the propane, butane cylinder or to the natural gas supply, they are specifically designed for outdoor use. These use a conventional gas regulator for gas stoves that works with an input pressure of between 28 to 30mbar, being easy to use and adapting to different sizes of paella pans.

High power gas burners

High-power burners are characterized by being flat-tube burners, they are of great quality/price, offering 25% more power than traditional burners and better distribution of heat between their rings. Their main difference from the professionals is that they do not have thermocouple valves, since their use is limited to outdoors.

Professional gas burners

The professional gas burner, these are approved for both indoors and outdoors since they have a thermocouple valve that serves as a safety barrier, since the thermocouple valve, when it cools, interrupts the gas outlet, avoiding unwanted gas leaks or accumulations. They stand out for having a very uniform heat distribution at the base of the paella pan or any container used.

Giant paella gas burners

The giant gas burner or industrial gas stoves are those that offer us the greatest possible power on the market. They are designed to be able to cook and directly support paellas or paella pans of up to 2 meters in size, they are also indicated for fermentation processes for beer production. They have 3 thermocouple valves that offer us the security that the gas will not be able to escape during use. They are approved for exterior and interior use. They allow the use of propane and natural gas.

Intensive use gas burner

The intensive use gas burners are manufactured exclusively for use in rice shops, bars, restaurants or hotels in general. Durable and powerful, they are indicated for intensive and professional use, they can optionally be equipped with electronic ignition and can be integrated into steel cabinets for better general use in the kitchen.

All our gas burners can work with butane, propane and natural gas, you just have to indicate the type of gas desired in the comments section of your cart when you place your order in case you want one not based on the type of gas standard in your country, otherwise, the burner will be sent to you based on the type of butane/propane gas appropriate to the country of destination of the order.

If you want to know more about the gas burners, how they should be lit or their maintenance, we recommend that you take a look at our blog, where we offer you knowledge and information about everything related to paella.

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