Table-top Paella Burner Tripod

  • Made of Aluminium

  • Suitable for Paella Burners from 35 cm up to 60 cm.

  • Foldable and height-adjustable

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The mini tripod is ideal for lifting your gas burner on a table, counter, bench or a flat surface in order to prevent the support surface from overheating and preserve our paella pans from the dust on the floor. It is a fundamental complement if you do not have the space to use larger legs, since in this way you will avoid overheating on the supported surface and possible future problems. Remember that the heat produced by the flame of our burners, although it tends to rise, there is always a remnant that during cooking reaches high temperatures, the mini tripod for paellas allows to raise and contributes to mitigate that heat that can damage the support surfaces of the burner of gas

This support for paellero is made of galvanized steel, which makes it very resistant. In turn, it is foldable, which provides us with comfortable and easy storage after use.

It is adjustable thanks to its circular supports, located at the top of each leg, allowing us to use paella burners from 30 to 70 cm in diameter. Its use is easy, we simply have to unscrew the circular threads, move them where necessary, and screw again.

It is also levelable, allowing us to level our paella pan at a comfortable and balanced height, due to having screwable threads on the bottom of its legs. To level the mini tripod we simply have to screw or unscrew these threads to our liking, until the burner is at the desired height.

How to install mini tripod

The installation of the mini tripod is almost identical to its normal sized version. Using its fixed leg as a guide, we separate the other two legs, set it in the surface or ground we are going to use and adjust the cymbals until they are at the distance we need to settle our paella burner. We also need to remember that we can screw in or out the cymbals to better adjust the high of the paella burner to the one we desire.

In this video you can see a demonstration of how to install the mini tripod for your burner:

If you want to know more of how to install your mini tripod in your burner you van visit our blog.

Types of mini legs for paella burners

If we should highlight anything within the different kind of mini legs, the mini tripod is basically universal, can be opened and closed with ease and can also be regulated thanks to its cymbals, it can fit burners between 30 cm up to 70 cm.

In the following video you can see the differences within the different versions of mini legs for burners:

If you want to know more about the differences within the different kind of versions of mini legs for burners you can visit our blog.

Why buy the mini tripod?

The mini tripod is a compact accessory that allows us to lift our paella burner on elevated surfaces such as tables, countertops or benches, allowing us to cook more comfortably and prevent the support surface from overheating due to the burner's fire.

Along with this, it is adjustable and levelable, allowing us a higher level of customization, to prepare it to the specifications that we most want.

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