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Original Recipe “ARRÓS EN FESOLS I NAPS”

Posted on1 Year ago 1225

Time of preparation: 15 minutes, Cooking time: 90 minutes, 4 diners

200 g / 7,05 oz pork ear and pork nose 2 Trotters
200 g / 7,05 oz Pork bones 1 Ham hock
2 Onion black puddings 1 Turnip cabbage
Thistle, 2 clean stick 200 g / 7,05 oz White beans
300 g / 10,58 oz Rice 8 Tablespoonful oil
Water A pinch of saffron otherwise saffron dye and salt
1- Cook pork meat 60 Minutes
2- Cook vegetables and add saffron 30 Minutes
3- Add onion black puddings 30 Minutes
4- Add rice and cookr 20 Minutes
Total: 35 Minutes


Simple, we just need the paella pan and a adjustable heat source protected from air. The authentic with orange tree wood particularly appreciated by final taste of the dish, but other woods can be used or even gas stove

  • 1- Enamelled steel deep pan
  • 2- Paella burner
  • 3- Paella burner legs
  • 4- Gas regulator
  • 5- Gas cylinder

L' arròs amb fesols i naps, is also known as “caldera” is a typical dish of the cuisine of the vegetable garden of Valencia. It is a very simple dish to prepare but it needs time for slow cooking. It can be cook in a deep steel pan (1) or cast iron pot (2). This last will prevent broth's evaporation and will need 30% less water, as well as it concentrates more the broth and our exquisite rice will have more flavour.

The basic elements for preparation include pork ( ear, nose, ham hock and even trotters), onion black puddings, white beans, turnip cabbage, thistle and rice. Although there are some local variations in the composition of the recipe as "Perolet " where it is a custom substitute pork for beef or lamb so that the end result is less fatty.


In a enamelled steel deep pan add the pork meat (ham hock, pork bones, pork ear, pork nose and trotters). Add 3 liters of water and some salt that later we will adjust to taste. Light the fire and cook over low heat for 1 hour.

On this point add the vegetables: turnip cabbage, thistle and white beans that will have been soaked for the whole night . Add the saffron. Let it cook over low or medium heat for 30 minutes more


On this point add the onion black puddings and let cook 30 minutes more for completing the minimum two hours of cooking. If we want to prevent bursting prick your skin with a needle or pin. The broth for the rice calls time and patience, however it is very easy to prepare. The secret is cook the broth slowly, so that our rice absorb thoroughly the flavor of the ingredients.


Add rice and salt to taste. Rice should be cooked between eighteen and twenty minutes. Rice should not be neither too dry nor soupy, ie, close to creamy or juicy.


Let rest a couple of minutes. Serve in a bowl for each diner.

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