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@vadearroces recipe: Matured beef ribeye rice

Posted on1 Month ago 216
RECIPE OF "Va de arroces"

Va de Arroces was born from Jose and Silvia's love for making different rice dishes every week.

It all started in the summer of 2022, when during the holidays, the cauldrons and the butane cylinder traveled like a suitcase wherever Jose and Silvia went.

During those vacations, and due to pressure from their group of friends to open an Instagram account, brainstorming about the name of the page began to arise, between long after-dinner conversations and afternoons of beers.

Until finally, in October 2022, the rice account was made for these two cooks, who thought they had recorded a few recipes to start, but as soon as they started publishing rice dishes and learning a little more about this science, they realized that What they had recorded that summer was not worthy of publishing (and those rice dishes still have not seen the light of day, although they turned out great).

From that moment on, and as we go, different rice dishes are cooked and eaten every week, the vast majority shared with friends and/or family, which is one of the essential ingredients to enjoy good rice.

Follow and discover innovative recipes on their Instagram @vadearroces.

Preparation time: 21 minutes. Cooking time: 27 minutes. People: 2.

60 gr of olive oil and ribeye fat 100 gr Grated onion
50 gr of grated tomato 2 garlic cloves
 1 Teaspoon of paprika 40 ml of red vermouth
 600 gr of beef steak matured for 50 days  10 Saffron
1000 ml of wood-fired meat broth 180 gr of albufera rice


1- Melt fat from the steak and heat the oil 3 Minutes
2- Sauté onion and garlic 10 Minutes
3- Sauté tomato 5 Minutes
4- Toast the paprika and evaporate the red vermotuh 3 Minutes
 5- Add broth and saffron infusion 3 Minutes
6- Cook the rice 16 Minutes
7- Brown the steak and dress the rice 8 Minutes 
Total: 48 Minutes


Simple, we just need the paella or paella pan and an adjustable heat source such as a gas burner and protected from air and dirt with the legs for paella pans. For greater comfort when cooking a paella we can include a tripod for gas stoves. Important a gas regulator with its hose for the butane bottle.


To prepare our sofrito, the first thing we have to do is melt some cubes of fat from the beef steak that we are going to use. Melt and then remove the fat.

Once the fat is melted, add 30 ml of oil, a little salt, and begin to fry the onion and garlic.


With the onion and garlic prepared, add the grated tomato and let the water contained in the tomato evaporate.

When the water has evaporated, add paprika, when it is toasted, add a splash of red vermotuh - about 40 ml - and let it evaporate.


With our sauce ready, add the meat broth and the saffron infusion, once it starts to boil, add the rice and let it cook.

Make sure to distribute the rice evenly over the paella pan, once it is well distributed, do not move it under any circumstances during its 15 minutes of cooking.


When we turn off the heat and let the rice rest, in a separate pan we cook each side of the steak, previously tempered, for 2-3 minutes. Once marked, we carve and use it to dress the rice.

With our rested and decorated rice, we just need to take out the spoon and enjoy!

Having followed these steps, you will have an unparalleled matured beef ribeye rice, share it with another diner and enjoy paeller@s

If you want to see more content from our blog, follow this link.

€7.04 €7.30
  • Enameled paella pan of 30 cm, easy to clean and maintenance free.
  • The enameled paella pan is characterized by being a black paella pan with white dots, this paella pan does not rust because it is resistant to rust thanks to its ceramic enamel.
  • Maximum number of servings: 4 people
  • Number of servings at medium capacity: 2-3 people
  • Number of Valencian-style portions: 1 person
  • Top diameter: 30cm
  • Base diameter: 24.8cm
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  • Suitable for gas cooker, gas cooker, gas paellero, firewood and oven.

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