Special discounts and Black FRIDAY offers from November 22nd to 26th

40% discount in Condiments for Paella with the code: BLACKFRIDAY C

- 25% discount for the rest of Ingredients for paella with the code: BLACKFRIDAY R

- 12% discount on all our paella pans and paella gas burners (except for giant paella pans and professional intensive use burner, that means products manufactured on order) with the code: BLACKFRIDAY P

- 10% discount in Paella Packs category with the code: BLACKFRIDAY K

In order to benefit from special discounts you just have to write the discount codes in "Vouchers" section of your cart, you can add as many discount codes as products with discounts. This offer is limited to the units available in stock. The offer period is from the day November 22nd at 22:00 h (GMT + 1) until November 26th at 23:59 h (GMT + 1)