The best selection of ingredients for Valencian paella

We offer a wide variety of ingredients for paella of the best quality to complete your recipes, whether be rice, oils, seasonings for paella and a Valencian garrofó.

All the products sold can be obtained in different sizes, so you can choose the size that best suits your needs, all of them selected and tested by our master paelleros, always with the highest quality from Original Paella.

Rice for paella:

We offer the best selection of gourmet quality rice for paella from the Valencian denomination of origin. Produced in the Albufera Natural Park since 1986, which guarantees minimum levels of pesticides, herbicides and other chemical agents that could alter its flavor or its original qualities during processing.

In this section you will find the most recommended types of rice for paella, bomba rice, senia rice, Maratelli rice and albufera rice, as well as fideo fideua, a dish similar to seafood paella, but made with pasta instead of rice.

If you want to know more about the types of rice we offer you, you can visit our blog, where we offer a more detailed explanation about the different varieties of rice and their characteristics.

Olive oil:

When one is looking to buy olive oil or extra virgin olive oil, we recommend extra virgin olive oil for making paellas. This decision is based on its high content of antioxidants and natural provitamins and polyphenols and the flavors and aromas that they give our paellas. The olive oil we offer is grown on the slopes of the Sierra Magina Natural Park, with its olives harvested during the first weeks of December, just when they have completed their maturation cycle.

We offer multiple sizes and containers of virgin olive oil, whether in a glass bottle or can, to suit your needs, depending on whether its use is more domestic or for a large scale, such as for catering or restaurants that we also have formats large (ask).

Seasonings for paella:

No paella can be called a paella if it doesn't include one of these classic ingredients in its selection. You will be able to find in this section the best condiments for paella, such as stranded or ground saffron, sweet paprika, colouring, paella seasoning and ñora.

Saffron, either in its stranded version or as ground saffron in a can, allows us to give that touch of special characteristic flavor and the classic color of paella with saffron, all thanks to this ingredient popularly known as "red gold".

You can also use paella seasonings to give that special touch to your paella. The sweet paprika or red paprika, allows us to give our paella a sweet touch with smoked flavor, the natural food coloring allows us to add that classic yellow/orange color of the paella without altering its flavor and the hotel paella seasoning or paella preparation allows us to flavor and give that special point to our paellas with this mixture of spices for paella. All of them are now gluten-free, to add those extra touches to your paella, both in flavor and in its classic color.

Paella seasoning is a mixture of traditional spices with saffron that allows us to give the classic flavor of paella with a simple spoonful of its contents, also gluten free.

Finally, if we want to create that famous sofrito called salmorreta, so appreciated for its contribution of flavor and color to paellas, we cannot miss the ñora, or more popularly known as "Pimiento Bola", which brings that special flavor and color to fish and seafood paellas.

Butter beans:

It is a basic ingredient of the authentic and original Valencian paella, considered a soft and creamy delicacy, which stands out for its great capacity to absorb and transfer the flavors to the Valencian paella, which together with its texture confers a differentiating element of the authentic Valencian paella.

This Valencian autochthonous variety is a gourmet and ecological delicacy that differs from the American varieties due to its thin skin, creamy texture, very smooth on the palate and a slight purple or purple pigmentation. The garrofón or garrofó is an essential element in the authentic and original Valencian paella and now you can have it anywhere in the world.

We market the dried locust bean for hydration and cooking as it is available throughout the year without resorting to greenhouses, allowing us to carry out correct transport and storage without hardly losing its qualities for months and without major losses since it is peeled

If you want to know more about the characteristics of the Garrofón, we recommend that you visit our blog.

If you are curious about the characteristics and nutritional content of these ingredients, we invite you to visit our blog, where we offer you information and in-depth knowledge about paella.

the best Ingredients for valencian paella

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