Set of 3 Mini Support Legs

  • Set of 3 mini legs for gas burner

  • The mini legs for paella pans are compatible with our range of traditional or round tube gas burners.

  • Easy to transport and store.

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€11.97 €12.55
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The set of mini legs for gas paella pans are ideal for raising your gas paella pan on a table or a flat surface and preventing the support surface from overheating, they are compatible with the range of round tube or traditional burners. With the small legs for gas burners you will be able to lift your burner from the support surface and avoid direct heat on the surface, its use with high power and/or professional burners is not recommended since its high power can melt the rubbers of the base of the legs, for these burners we recommend the use of a mini tripod that raises the burner a few more centimeters and preserves the heat at the base to a greater extent.

How to assemble mini legs for our paella burner

The installation of the mini legs can be done completely manually without any difficulty. We need to turn around our paellar burner and set the mini legs over each leg of the burner, make sure that the mini legs have their screws over the circular openings of the burners legs. From here, simply screw the screws manually and flip it over again.

In this video you can see a demostracion of how to install the mini legs in your paella burner:

If you want to know more about how to install the mini legs in a paella burner you can visit our blog.

Types of mini legs for paella burners

We should also like to highlight that, within the different kind of mini legs, the mini paella burner legs are compatible with any kind of burner and are the most economic of the other alternatives.

In the following video you can see the diferences within the other verions of mini legs for paella burners:

If you want to know more about the differences within the other versiones of mini legs for paella burners you can visit our blog.

Why buy the set of 3 mini legs?

The set of 3 mini legs is a small but essential accessory for our comfort when making paellas.

It allows us to protect our paella pans from dust during the preparation of rice and protects the surface from the heat of the burner when we are cooking. In addition, it allows us to raise our burner to a more suitable height to cook our paella comfortably.

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  • Number of Valencian-style portions: 3-4 people
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