90 cm Professional Paella Burner

  • Professional gas paellero 90 cm of 36.8 KW of power

  • Outer diameter: 90cm
  • Number of rings: 3
  • With thermocouple safety valve in each ring, approved for use indoors and outdoors
  • For 60-130 cm paella pans
  • includes FREE stable reinforced legs
  • Gas burners have CE Marking
  • You can find gas accessories here
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€429.95 €451.45
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Paella burners, also referred to as paella rings or oven paella, are used as fire diffusers, so that the fire is uniform under the paella pan, frying pan or any kitchen container.

The fire produced by the burner is easy to control and cooks safely and cleanly. Don't forget: you can use your gas burner to cook more than Paella.

It has three concentric rings and three knobs that independently control each ring, so you can adjust the heat where and when you need it. The outer ring is 90 cm, the central one is 70 cm and the inner one is 50 cm. The inner ring has three internal radii that ensure that the heat is distributed evenly over the paella base. Rings can be used independently. In case of using only the inner rings, it is recommended to protect the outer ring to prevent clogging.

IThese butane/propane paella pans have a layer of vitrified enamel that allows them to be easily cleaned and prevents the steel from rusting. For more information, see the maintenance tips tab.

These paella pans are suitable for natural gas or butane/propane/camping gas, when ordering, do not forget to indicate the type of gas you prefer for its operation (butane, propane or natural gas) and the country of destination in the comments section of your cart, otherwise, the order will be shipped with the burner for butane/propane gas adapted to the country of destination of the order.

Professional paella burners are approved for indoor and outdoor use. It includes a safety valve (thermocouple) that makes it suitable for use in closed or semi-closed environments.

To use it in a more comfortable and safe way, you can use our sets of legs and supports.


Atmospheric gas burner with integrated support (paellero ring) for outdoor use. The appliance is designed to heat containers or plates containing liquids or food. It comes equipped with x concentric circular burners, joined together by x fixed legs, which support the whole, ensure the stability of the appliance and serve as a support for the cooking containers (paellas, griddles, frying pans, roasters, etc.).


The mixture of gas and air reaches each ring-burner through a circular section tube that connects it to its corresponding valve, which is provided with a control knob. The gas supply, whether portable (cylinder) or fixed installation, must be connected through a nozzle (specific for each country) to the valves. The appliances are supplied with the connection nozzle and prepared for the type of gas of the country of destination as requested by the customer.


The ignition of the burners is done manually, bringing a flame closer to the gas outlet holes placed on the edge of each ring. Select the appliance that suits the size of the container to be heated and prevent the flame from reaching the valve area.

We have or manufacture our burners for all countries:

Spain, Portugal, Germany, Denmark, United Kingdom, USA, Australia, Canada, Austria, Finland, France, Ireland, Greece, Belgium, Sweden, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Norway, Cyprus, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Japan, Brazil etc. The appliances are supplied with the connection nozzle and prepared for the type of gas of the country of destination as requested by the customer.

The appliance has a CE type certificate, according to the Directive for gas appliances 2009/142/EC.


Gas Type



Natural Gas


20 mbar


25 mbar

Butane Gas


30 mbar


50 mbar

Propane Gas


37 mbar


50 mbar





Enamelled cold streched steel St-37 sheet, plain by its upper and lower sides of 24,5 x 25,5 mm and 1 mm of thickness.

Elongation tubes

Enamelled cold streched steel St-37 sheet, plain by its upper and lower sides of 24,5 x 25,5 mm and 1 mm of thickness.

Support legs

Enamelled mild steel St-37 sheet

Push on connector

Bronze, iron or aluminium

Valves and injectors

Brass BS-2.872

Protector box for gas

Cold stretched steel St‐37 sheet, of 1.15 mm of thickness, painted with epoxy paint.

Tap handles

Polyamide, zamak or aluminum.

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