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    Stainless steel paella spoon Ideal for sauteing ingredients and spreading the rice Made of stainless steel.

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    Paella Spoon with Wooden Handle Made of stainless Steel and Wood The wooden handle will prevent any burns caused by the heating of the steel spoon. Ideal for sauteing ingredients and spreading the rice

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    Light lids for our wide range of paella pans and casseroles. Made of aluminum.

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    Made of stainless Steel Fully adjustable Easy to store. Your Windshield suitable for gas burners models 30-35-40-50 cm

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    - Universal Windshield. Easy setup - Made of galvanised steel - Modular accesory - Hangs directly from paella pan - No rust - Choose your windshield suitable for paella pans from 30-100cm

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      Adjustable and foldable  For paella pans up to 70 cm

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    Fantastic official apron of Original Paella from Valencia, 90 cm long and 60 cm wide, black with white lettering, made of 100% polyester, washable and a pocket to store the most used utensils. Say yes, you're a master paella and you're in love of Original Paella from Valencia!

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    Cleaner for paella pans and kettles Degreaser gel special cleaner steel paella pans and kettles Concentrate: 500 ml of high efficiency It eliminates without greasy effort and rest of food, socarrat, dark edges, and oxide of paella pans Giving back the original brightness to paellas, pots, casseroles, etc. as if they were new

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    HANGER FOR PAELLA PANS Paella hanger - Resistant: Made of reinforced steel and coated with epoxy paint to prevent oxidation - Practical: our paella rack suitable to hang up any type of paellas. - Large storage capacity: up to 10 paella pans comfortably ordered and saving space - Versatility: Valid for paellas, windbreaks and for our plates or grills